Introducing the Emtron ED5 Display with GPS.

ED-5 Carbon Digital Dash Displays feature a full-color, daylight readable screen surrounded by a tough, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite housing. Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housing for RPM and shift light indication. Users can program them to ascend in specific increments based on RPM range and flash when it is time to shift. Brightness is user programmable on the fixed color LEDs. A remote button can we wired into the rear connector, allowing the user to scroll between screens. Two additional programmable LEDs are located above the toggle buttons on the top of the housing on either side of the integrated LED shift lights.

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  • Fuel Map Diagram
    A frequent (and sometimes controversial) question comes up a lot since vehicle electrical systems continue to evolve.  What is map switching?  The short answer is the ability to change the ECU lookup table reference points.  While that sounds complicated, this can be a very simple concept. 
    STP Technical Class - Map Switching

        Enjoy this article as Pavlotech goes in-depth about Map Switching. Check out his full blog HERE STP Technical Class - Map Switching A frequent (and sometimes controversial) question comes up...

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  • VVT Diagram
    Simplicity is a selling point for motorsport EFI solutions in the aspects that performance will be consistent and reliable.  However, now that these EFI solutions are supporting original functions like cam control, drive by wire, and more – some extra thought and effort regarding completing the calibration process isn’t a bad idea.
    STP Technical Class: Connecting Functions – Closing the Loop

     Pavlotech has been truly helpful by working along with STP and letting us share his content with you through our Blog. If you want to take a look at his...

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  • STP Technical Class : Fuel Pressure Compensation

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  • STP Technical Class: Why Atomise?

      What’s Special About an Injector? ASNU performance injectors are designed to provide a highly atomized/uniform spray pattern with a tightly controlled flow rate, good response times and high linearity....

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  • STP Technical Class: Explaining Scope

      Emtron features a built-in Scope for all ECU types.  Depending on the ECU (or if a plugin model – the type it is based on), the number of channels...

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