Protec Brushless 044 fuel Pump

The Brushless 044 Fuel pump. This high flowing pump can be retro fitted while offering lower amp draw higher flow and less weight than the OEM pump. The use of Titanium and special low friction coatings combined with the efficient motor and controller gives the 044 a new lease of life. Digital PWM speed control also available as a option. Over 400lts/hr @ 5 bar
Compatible with Diesel and Ethanol. Proven pump technology.

Genuine Bosch 044 pump mechanism, Titanium motor drive and billet Aluminium components all made and assembled in the UK. Available for delivery with two flow options.
Opt 1: 325lts/hr @ 5 bar, 10.5 amp @ 14 vdc
Opt 2: 405lts/hr @ 5 bar, 12.5 amp @ 14 vdc
Made in the UK.

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