Simple Techniques Performance Race Tuner Package Combo is here!

We are proud to announce our package combos! Simple Techniques Performance is striving to bring you the best the automotive world has to offer. We have arranged this package to target those who are enthusiasts and want to build the ultimate racing machine! Purchase this combination of Products and use Product Code:


To Recieve 15% off. 

  • Bosch Water Temp Sensor Emtron
  • BOSCH TMAP – 10 BAR & 140DEG C
  • Bosche LSU 4.9 Oxygen o2 Sensor
  • Knock Sensor – Wide Band
  • 10 Position Rotary Switch – Large Knob
  • SL Series AB Connector Kit

Flex Fuel Sensor Kit

Boost Control Solenoid 3 Port 33Hz
Thread: 1/8 NPT

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