Innovation, Support and Cutting Edge Technology

Haltech has been at the cutting edge of engine management technology since it first opened its doors in 1986.  Today, Haltech ECUs are sold in over 50 countries around the world. They are the driving force behind many record-setting race vehicles. Haltech branches in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and United States ensure the products are processed, delivered and supported in every corner of the globe.

The company is credited as being the first in the world to develop real time engine management calibration. Haltech is actively involved with many popular car culture shows like Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws and Mighty Car Mods as well as numerous racing and motorsport events like the NMCA/NMRA, SEMA, PRI, World Cup Finals, Drag Challenge, World Time Attack Challenge and Summernats just to name a few.

The Haltech brand is recognised globally as the leader in its field, renowned for its cutting edge technology and customer support.

“Looking back, a lot has changed since Haltech’s humble beginnings in a Sydney shed over thirty years ago” says Haltech CEO, Mark Bevan. “New technologies have changed the way we
drive and race our cars. To take advantage of the advances in computer hardware and software our company also had to evolve.”

Like all successful companies, Haltech has adapted to stay abreast of the emerging technologies and address changing expectations from tuners, racers and enthusiasts alike. There are however, things that haven’t and will never change – and those are Haltech’s
commitment to quality, innovation and the dedication and passion of the Haltech team.

These qualities have been Haltech’s trademark since the beginning and are the main reason why thousands of people around the world choose Haltech for their engine management every year