EMTRON - SL8 Complete Plug and Play Package For BMW S52 Engine


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      ACE EMTRON - SL8 Complete Plug and Play Package For BMW S52 Engine

      For unlimited flexibility and control of your s52 e36 M3...

      The BMW S52 engine (1996-1999 Single Vanos M52, S52, MS41, MS41.1 88 pin Siemens Control Systems) is an excellent powerplant and great for engine swaps as well as forced induction applications. The Emtron SL8 plug-in kit allows for an install and controls a robust engine management solution.  

      ACE utilizes an Emtron SL8 engine control system and custom patch harness to connect the ECU to the BMW S52 factory engine harness as the base of this kit and has developed a number of solutions to ensure that all systems will operate as if being controlled by the factory engine management.  The ACE S52 ECU kit unit will come with an ACE supplied base calibration for this system. 

      EMTRON - SL8 Complete Plug and Play Package Contains: (Package is built to order  - on average it will be assembled and shipped 2 weeks after purchase)

      Emtron SL8 ECU

      Emtron ELC2 Dual Wideband Lambda Controller

      ACE Wire Harness Adapter

      2X Bosch (OEM Brand) Ignition Modules

      2X Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Oxygen Sensors

      GM 1 bar MAP sensor (LS1) (can be swapped to a 3 bar for forced induction applications)

      OBD1 Hall Effect Cam Sensor

      Cam Sensor wire harness adapter

      *Please contact us to discuss your application - forced induction applications will require different sensors*


      EMTRON - SL8 Complete Plug and Play Package Description:

      Enjoy full Emtron features and functionality in this fully condensed packaged system from ACE Performance.  

      “Finally a fully complete programmable motorsport electronics package for the S52.  No falsely advertised features that are not actually supported, vague feature lists, or other bait and switch ploys”

      Support for nearly all factory sensors/components/outputs unlike other systems (see details below).  Instrument cluster, Check Engine Light, VANOS, Sports switch/LED, MAF, Knock control, and more. Utilizing the open and unlocked flexible Emtron platform that offers real support anywhere in the world through its world-class dealer network.

      Advanced functions allow the Emtron Platform to “latch on” to actual VANOS cam position effectively closing the loop on mapping utilizing layering of fuel and ignition tables, transient config, and more.  No need to settle for a questionable mixture, spark knock, and other detrimental situations when VANOS is switched on and off as compared to other solutions.


      -Plug in style installation-

      • Install ECU, ignition modules, and Wire Harness adapter in factory ECU Location

      • Route ELC2 CAN plug and GM MAP sensor connector into an engine bay

      • Plug in and mount ELC2, install new Bosch LSU 4.9 Oxygen Sensors

      • Swap original Cam sensor for hall effect version (with wire harness adapter)

      • Reconfigure vacuum lines to factory fuel pressure regulator and install a MAP sensor

      • Configure ECU for a first startup (using ACE start-up guide)

      • Tune engine

      Customizing Installation:

      Nearly all factory inputs and outputs are supported and connected via ACE Wire Harness adapter.  Nearly all sensor inputs and outputs are populated to run factory components.

      Inputs and outputs can then be repurposed depending on the installation requirement by substituting the old input pin with the new sensor input.  



      1. Extra open inputs and outputs allow for installation/upgrade to Electric Throttle Control

      2. Extra open inputs allow raw wheel speed sensors to be fitted for speed inputs to utilize launch control, motorsport traction control, and more.  

      3. If MAF or other inputs are not needed, and all extra inputs reused, then the original input can be repurposed for a Fuel Pressure sensor input.  

      4. The purge valve output can be repurposed if all other outputs have been used up for other extra functions.  IE, boost solenoid output.


      A special 5V and Sensor Ground plug on the adapter allows analog 0-5V inputs easily to be installed.  


      CAN BUS Support:

      Emtron ECU system supports two separate CAN networks.  


      CAN Channel 1

      This network is dedicated to Emtron expansion devices, dash loggers, and other Motorsport systems.  It is pre-configured and pre-wired to connect directly to the Emtron ELC2 Dual CAN Lambda Controller.  Termination for this bus is facilitated via an external resistor that can be unplugged and used to easily expand to other CAN devices.  This location allows connection of other CAN bus friendly devices to expand on this compact package as well, especially with products like Emtron EIC, Emtron EGT, and more.


      CAN Channel 2



      Unsupported features:

      • Tank Leakage Detection

      • Factory Oxygen Sensors (replaced with Wideband Bosch 4.9 sensors)

      • Cruise control 



      • Dual Wideband Oxygen Sensor input with Short and Long-term adaptations

      • Individual Cylinder Knock detection with Short and Long-term adaptations

      • Calibration slot control (Map switching)

      • Advanced Fuel and Air mass modeling (MAF is also supported)

      • Optional E-throttle control

      • Engine DTC protection/limps/fail-safes (pressures, temps, etc)

      • Comprehensive ECU logging (up to 500hz per channel)

      • Launch control, Motorsport Traction control (with G-force compensation) - requires additional hardware

      • Customize CAN transport and receive to expand, data log, display, etc

      • True Flex Fuel function (Variable Stoich) - Requires additional hardware

      • Fuel Pressure compensation - Requires additional hardware

      • True closed loop Sequential Gear Cut/Gearshift control - Requires additional hardware

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