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Emtron 1.0 Bar MAP Sensor Kit

Emtron 1.0 Bar MAP Sensor Kit

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Emtron 1.0 Bar MAP Sensor Kit

The Emtron 1.0 Bar MAP Sensor uses a state-of-the-art piezoresistive transducer from NXP Semiconductors. It is highly accurate, providing a high level analog output signal that is proportional to the applied pressure. 

 Genuine NXP Sensor 

 Pressure Range: 15kPa to 115kPa 

 Supply Voltage: 4.75 to 5.25 Volts DC 

 Current Supply 6.0mA 

 Protective Silicone Gel prevents sensor damage from airborne contaminates like oil, petrol and methanol. 

 Fully calibrated and temperature compensated from -40 DegC to +125 DegC 

 Response time 1ms 

▪ Compact Design 

 Stainless Steel 303 body for durability then coated in black nickel for superior abrasion resistance 

 Fully potted for a waterproof seal and resistance to shock and vibration 

▪ 1/8 NPT Thread 

 Deutsch 3 Way Connector (mating end also supplied) 


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