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      EMTRON SL6

      Emtron’s SL6 is a wire in ECU with extreme flexibility. This ECU will support up to 6 Channels of fully sequential Fuel and Ignition.  Every unit is housed in a durable billet Aluminium enclosure and includes 32MB permanent memory for on-board logging, 4-channel oscilloscope function, DBW control, Knock control up to 2 channels using digital filter technology, high speed Ethernet communications and 3-axis G-force sensing to name a few.

      1.0 General

      Power Supply

      • Operating Voltage: 6.0 to 22.0 Volts DC (ECU shutdowns at 24.0V)
      • Operating Current: 290mA at 14.0V (excluding sensor and load currents)
      • Reverse Battery Protection via External Fuse
      • “Smart” battery transient protection

      Operating Temperature

      • Max operating range: -30 to 110°C (-22 to 230°F)
      • Recommended operating range: -30 to 85°C (-22 to 185°F)


      • Aluminium 6061 grade CNC billet enclosure
      • Enclosure size 120 mm x 130 mm x 27 mm
      • Weight: 470g
      • Connector system: 68-way Super Seal waterproof connectors with gold plated contacts
      • Pin diameter: 1 mm
      • Current rating: maximum 15A per pin (wire gauge dependant)


      • Dual 100MHz processors
      • 500Mb DDR RAM (0.5Gb)
      • 32MB ECU logging memory.  Over 1200 channels available, 1Hz to 500Hz logging rate
      • Oscilloscope 4-channel function with 32MB storage
        • Sampling at 100k samples/second
        • Includes Crank Index and Sync sensor inputs
        • Includes Digital Inputs 1-4
      • On-Board barometric pressure sensor. Range 40 – 115.0 kPa
      • 3-Axis accelerometer. 16-Bit resolution,  +2g/+4g/+8g dynamically selectable full-scale

      2.0 Outputs

      6x Port Injector Outputs—high  ohm

      • 70V clamping
      • Outputs can be used for ground switching, 6A Continuous, 10A Limit
      • All outputs are short circuit and over current protected
      • No Flywheel diodes (external diode(s) required for VVT control)

      6x Ignition Outputs

      • Adjustable TTL Ignition drive current (35mA or 70mA)
      • Outputs can be used for ground switching, 1A Continuous, 3A Limit
      • All outputs are short circuit and over current protected
      • No Flywheel diodes (external diode(s) required for VVT control)

      10x Auxiliary Outputs

      • Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and Variable Valve Timing Electric (VTiE), Drive by Wire (DBW), dual boost control, gearshift solenoids, stepper motor and many more.
      • All outputs have PWM control, maximum frequency = 15 kHz
      • Flywheel diodes integrated into all outputs
      • All outputs are short circuit and over current protected. 
      • Low Side Driver Auxiliary 1-4: 4A continuous, 6A peak modulated, 8A limit
      • Low Side Driver Auxiliary 5-8: 2.5A continuous, 4A peak modulated, 5A limit
      • High Side Driver Auxiliary 1-8: High Side 4A continuous, 9A limit
      • Half Bridge Driver Auxiliary 9-10: 5A continuous and 8A limit. Can be used as Low Side, High Side or together in H-bridge configuration for DC motor control (DBW)

      1x EFI Relay Output

      • Low Side Driver for relay control. Current limited to 200mA (Output will switch ON when Ignition Switch Input (B4) is greater than 4V)

      1x Shield Output

      • Connection for Trigger and Knock shielded cables. Short to battery protection

      3.0 Inputs

      10x Analog Voltage/Temperature Inputs

      • Fully configurable including custom calibrations
      • Switchable 1k ohm pull-up resistors on ANV 7-10 for temperature inputs (available on 4 channels)
      • Accepts a 0.0 – 5.0V analog input. Resolution is 1.22mV (12-Bit)

      6x Digital/Speed Inputs/Switched Inputs

      • Frequency range from 0.0Hz up the 30.0kHz on all 8 channels
      • Magnetic and Hall effect sensor compatible on DI 1-4 with programable trigger edge(s)
      • Hall effect sensor only on DI 5-8 with programable trigger edge(s)
      • Independent programable frequency-based arming threshold control, range 0.0 – 12.0V on DI 1-4
      • Fixed frequency-based arming thresholds on DI 5-8. Rising = 1.2V, Falling = 1.0V.
      • Wheel speed, output shaft speed and other frequency-based signals
      • VVT position(s) up to 4 channels available on DI 1- 4.
      • ON/OFF switched inputs: AC request, Launch enable, cruise switch, table control switching etc with arming threshold control, range 0.0 -20.0V
      • Accepts a 0.0 – 20.0V analog input. Resolution is 4.88mV (10-Bit)
      • Switchable 4k7 ohm pull-up resistors on all 8 channels to 10V

      2x Knock Inputs with configurable Frequency and Gain.

      • Using Bosch digital knock integrated circuit technology
      • Selectable center frequency from 500Hz – 25kHz
      • Selectable bandwidth from 100Hz – 5kHz
      • Selectable digital filter window; Hamming or Blackman

      1x Dedicated Ignition Switch Input

      • 0 – 20.0V input used for EFI Relay Control. (With input > 4V the EFI Relay output (D9) will switch ON)

      2x Crank Index and Sync Engine Decoding Inputs

      • Magnetic and Hall effect sensor compatible with programable trigger edge(s)
      • “True” zero crossing detection on magnetic signals for precise engine position decoding.
      • Programmable independent arming threshold control from 0.1V to 12.0V
      • Switchable 4k7 ohm pull-up resistor to 5V
      • OEM patterns supported

      4.0 Voltage and Ground Supplies

      1x ECU Supply Input

      • 15.0A Max (pin limited)
      • 6V – 22.0V Range
      • Supplies ECU power
      • Supplies power to Auxiliary 1-8 High Side Drivers

      1x Auxiliary 9-10 Supply Input

      • 15.0A Max (pin limited)
      • Power supply for Auxiliary channels 9 -10.

      1x 5.0V Sensor Supply

      • 5.0V Vref1 output current 250mA

       1x 8.0V Sensor Supply

      • Output current 400mA

      2x ECU Main Grounds

      • 15.0A per pin, total 30A

      1x Sensor 0V Reference

      • Analog Sensor 0V Reference with short to battery protection

      5.0 Communications

      • 1x high-speed Ethernet 100Mbps
      • 2x CAN 2.0B 1Mbps/ 6 Channels per node, total 128 messages.

      6.0 Software

      Emtron’s comprehensive Emtune tuning software is used to connect to the ECU.

      • Microsoft Windows 7 -10 compatible
      • Free licence
      • Memory requirements: 0.5GB RAM
      • ECU connection using Ethernet, IPV4 protocol
      • Tuning and data analysis
      • PC and ECU data logging
      • Live pause and data playback
      • Advanced tuning functions
      • Diagnostics
      • Oscilloscope display
      Weight .64 kg
      Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 cm
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