FUELAB 47403 H/E (high efficiency)


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      FUELAB, delivery innovation, have done it again. FUELAB’s patented, award-winning DC brushless, electronically controlled fuel pumps are the best in the business, and they have taken it to the next level!

      Introducing the FUELAB 47403 H/E (high efficiency) Twin Screw Style Fuel Pump. Capable of supporting 1250+ horsepower, and utilizes a twin screw rotor design. This new fuel pump has higher efficiency while using less current draw and making less noise. It also has greater resistance to cavitation (vapour lock) and superior priming capabilities. And being that its motor is brushless there are no brushes to wear out or corrode!

      It doesn’t matter if you’re running gasoline, diesel, methanol or ethanol, this pump has you covered as it’s compatible with them all.

      The fuel pump’s controller is integrated with a sealed electrical connector, as well as an integrated dampened mounting system for quick and compact installation.

      It’s very lightweight, coming in at less than 3lbs. It has superior flow rates, with a flow rating of 500 LPH (132 GPH) at 3 Bar (45 PSI), at 13.5 volts.  This pump means business and is sure to have your fueling needs to be handled, whatever you’re driving!

      Features include:

      * 3-phase DC brushless motor with neodymium magnets
      * Integrated electronics with no speed control
      * Billet aluminum, stainless steel construction with flourosilicone seals
      * Screw-style pumping mechanism
      * Wet motor design, without dynamic shaft seals
      * Port O-rings, mating electrical connector, instructions, and performance certification included
      * 8 to16 V operating range
      * Use only 12 V (6-cell lead acid battery) vehicle systems with or without charging system
      * All models require bypass regulator or relief valve to avoid over-pressure operating condition
      * Integrated 2-pin Delphi Weatherpack connector
      * Integrated cushioned billet bracket system (1/4 in. hardware not supplied)

      Fuel compatibility includes:

      * Gasoline (pump and race)
      * Diesel
      * Methanol
      * Ethanol (including E 100)

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    • Variant: FUELAB 47403 - FUELAB H/E Series Fuel Pumps
    • SKU: STP-FUELAB47403H/E
    • In Stock: 1
    • Weight: 2.0 kg
    • Product Type: FUEL PUMP
    • Brand: FUELAB

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