P12 Power Distribution Module BlackBox


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      The P12 Power Control Module replaces traditional relays, fuses
      and circuit breakers. It simplifies wiring, decreases installation
      time and increases reliability.
      · 12 * 15 Amp continuous outputs.
      · Outputs can be combined for higher output current.
      · 100 Amp maximum total current recommended.
      · Easy to use and understand software.
      · Programmable output current and fuse reset time and
      · 10 Switch Inputs + Master Switch Input.
      · Switch inputs can be connected to power, ground or
      floating (3 state, center-off type switches).
      · Fault indicator Output can drive a lamp or LED to indicate
      output short circuit, open circuit or low battery voltage.
      · Fault indicator output can alternatively be used as an
      additional low current output.
      · On board data logging to record battery voltage, total
      current, individual output current, module temperature and
      input switch voltage.
      · Compatible with 24volt systems.
      · Reveres battery protected and transient overvoltage
      · Programmable functions including True, False, AND, OR,
      Flash, Pulse Train, Toggle, Set/Reset to control such things
      as Turning Indicators, Hazard and Emergency lights.
      · Ideal for transmission brake staging or ‘bump’ control.
      · Software displays live values of output currents, battery
      voltage, switch status, function status and outputs/fuse
      · Compact Size. Main body: 123mm * 112mm * 33mm.
      · Main and USB connectors are sealed with gold plated
      · Field upgradable to keep up to date with the latest software
      and firmware.
      · 1 year warranty
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