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      Suitable for up-shift ignition-cut triggering and
      down-shift throttle-blip triggering on sequential
      and H-pattern competition gearboxes,
      Calibrated linear analogue output voltage,
      proportional to applied load,
      Versatile mounting arrangement.

      Supply Voltage 8 to 15 V DC
      Max. Output Voltage Range* ~0.0 to 5.0 V DC
      Output Impedance 1 k
      * Output voltage increases when the gear knob is pulled towards the rear.
      ** The cable is comprised of three 22-AWG ETFE insulated wires, with
      a black DR-25 protective sheath.

      We can also supply a custom gear lever thread adaptor to assist you
      with the gear knob installation. We will need some shifter and thread
      measurements from you to make this adaptor.

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